• Wilson Audio Sasha W/P Wilson Audio Sasha W/P

    Wilson Sasha W/P

    With the advent of Sasha W/P, Dave and his team re-imagined the platform as a unified system. The previously discrete WATT, which, emblematic of its location-monitor heritage, could function as a stand-alone loudspeaker, was discontinued. The Sasha was redesigned from the ground up as an integrated system, allowing Wilson to optimize every detail to achieve the next quantum leap in compact loudspeaker performance.

  • Linn Klimax LP12

    Best of the best

    Few products stand out in the High End Audio world like the legendary  Sondek LP 12. Arriving in 1973 the LP 12 set the standard for Transcription Turntables. Established Linn Audio products as a High End Marque and elevated Ivor Tiefenbrun into the ranks of Hi Fi legends all with one Turntable. 1973 was a long time ago and Linn has not stood on its laurels, The LP 12 has undergone many upgrades, modifications and enhancements whilst remarkably looking like a "normal" turntable and still bearing a strong unshakable ancestry to the very first Sondek.

    This Klimax LP 12 is the "Best of the Best" in the range, featuring the most sophisticated components Linn can offer. These include the Ekos SE tone arm, Kandid moving coil cartridge, Keel sub chassis, Radikal power supply and Urika II Moving Coil phono stage built-in to suspended base.