• Wilson Audio Sasha W/P Wilson Audio Sasha W/P

    Wilson Sasha W/P

    With the advent of Sasha W/P, Dave and his team re-imagined the platform as a unified system. The previously discrete WATT, which, emblematic of its location-monitor heritage, could function as a stand-alone loudspeaker, was discontinued. The Sasha was redesigned from the ground up as an integrated system, allowing Wilson to optimize every detail to achieve the next quantum leap in compact loudspeaker performance.

  • Wilson Audio Sabrina Wilson Sabrina

    Introducing the Wilson Sabrina

    The inspiration for Sabrina arose from two distinct and seemingly disparate sources: the original WATT/Puppy, and the Alexandria XLF. The WATT/Puppy was the result of Dave Wilson’s belief that a well-designed compact loudspeaker could outperform many of the much larger state-of-the-art systems of its day. Sabrina is nearly the same size as its 1980s progenitor. The XLF, on the other hand, represents the current pinnacle of Wilson’s three-decades-long quest to bridge the gulf between live, unamplified music and its reproduction. The XLF platform offers the world’s most precise time-alignment capability, custom-designed drivers, and cabinet modules constructed from Wilson’s proprietary materials, reducing cabinet resonance and coloration to inaudible levels.

    The objective for Sabrina was to take the wealth of knowledge and experience contained in the XLF and distill it down to its essence. To create a loudspeaker that, like the first WATT/Puppy, could stand alongside much larger systems and offer the kind of dynamic contrast and harmonic expression that is the defining character of Wilson Audio loudspeakers.

    Sabrina is available in three standard WilsonGloss colours, Desert Silver, Galaxy Grey and Obsidian Black. Two upgrade colours, Biarritz White and Titan Red are available at additional cost.

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    For more information on this model head over to Wilson Audio Specialties

    For a 360degree view of the Sabrina head over to 360 Degree View

  • ProAc Response D48R ProAc Response D48

    The Response D48 was designed and built to replace ProAc previous flagship floorstander, the Response D40. By any measure this must have been a huge challenge as the D40 achieved cult status during it's production run. ProAc doesn't introduce new models just for fun or fashion, so the new D48R can be considered a totally new design. Indeed all it shares with the D40 is the cabinet size and the Brand name!

    The Ribbon tweeter is a standout but the changes and improvements do not end there. The Mid/bass drivers are also a new ProAc design and likewise the crossover, designed by Stewart Tyler and assembled using the finest components.

    So like the D40 but better. A more expansive soundstage, more detailed midrange with smoother more extended frequency response. The bass is tighter and even more tuneful. A worthy successor.