In store services

“Play it again Sam”

Here at Revolution Turntable we are able to demonstrate a large range of new turntables from some of analogue audio’s most famous marques like Clearaudio, Linn, Pro-Ject, Audio Technica, Mobile Fidelity, Dual and Vinyl Play. Complementing this is a good range of vinyl and turntable accessories along with a carefully selected range of pre-used refurbished tables.

With the resurgence of interest in vinyl recordings and their playback systems, many tables are seeing the light of day after many years of dusty hibernation in garages, store rooms, wardrobes and other dungeons of unwarranted banishment. More than likely we have either owned, used, traded or repaired many of these brands and models that stretch back to the early nineteen sixties.

Turntables are precision instruments and after lengthy periods of disuse all will need attention. Belts become brittle and disintegrate, lubricants dry out, terminals corrode and adhesives fail, all this plus the accumulated wear during the music playing years prior to storage.

Choosing the correct belt is critical for speed accuracy, even if the belt seems to fit, a bit too tight or too loose will not yield the right RPM. Replacement belts are best supplied if we can have the table here allowing us to confirm the speed accuracy. Stylus replacement is also an acquired art, was the old stylus the correct one? would an alternate upgraded tip profile be beneficial? Stylus/cartridge identification and sourcing is a specialized field of knowledge where our experience comes in handy.

Our in store services offer calibration and service for most turntables in addition to replacement stylii, cartridges, head shells, tone arms and belts. Differing levels of servicing are negotiated with the owner and relevant to the condition of the table. In order to ensure the correct stylus and belt are fitted to your table we will not normally supply these as spare parts.

More involved repair work involving highly specialized instrumentation, calibration, circuit board and mechanical repairs-modifications will be referred to the Turntable Doctor……

Whilst we are passionate about the health and wellbeing of your turntable, it has come to pass that some of the fine denizens of our audio community imagine and maybe expect on the spot sourcing, fitting and speed checking of turntable belts (and stylii). This is not always possible due to limited number of boffins that may or may not be present at any particular time and how much work load the same boffin(s) are facing. So we may request that the turntable, or any other item for that matter, be left here for attention in a slightly later but still timely manner.

In home services

“A Home Among the Gum Trees”

There is a hidden Elephant in the room affecting the sound of most home audio systems and that Elephant is …… well it is the room! Lots of well meaning and enthusiastic music lovers are busy upgrading this or that, be it cables, cartridges, players, speakers, tippy toes and the list goes on, in an effort to achieve that transparent, dynamic and involving sound that a quality system should and can provide. Most people understand the importance that the design and construction of the speaker enclosure (box) will have on the final quality and character of the sound. The interesting thing however, is that the big box that the little box sits in will have just as much effect and sometimes more on the final sound especially as that little box gets bigger and more powerful!

There are often simple things like speaker placement and orientation that will help improve the listening experience. The environment of the turntable and associated equipment will also have an effect and last but not least, the actual room itself can often be treated with similar sound improving effects.

In response to frequent requests we will offer a limited home visit service in order to view and experience (listen to) an owners system and maybe offer a few suggestions and solutions to real or perceived short comings in the systems audio quality.

This service is offered only on a “when we are able” basis as we all have significant others and a variety of furry and feathered dependents that will suffer if ignored. The fee for any such visits will depend on location and circumstance and will naturally be negotiated prior to attendance.