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If your turntable is well set up, every 500-1000 hours is the recommendation. However a stylus tip tracks at “ tons per square inch” and is claimed, may operate up to 160 degrees C. Consequently, a badly set up turntable could do some of the following:

  • Wear out your stylus more quickly, if tracking force and anti-skate not calibrated accurately.
  • In view of the forces mentioned previously, you may be welding dirt and fluid residues into the groove walls

This will result in a noisier playback and irreversible deterioration in the records quality. Who wants noise?!

It is often the case that a turntables performance can be increased without spending a dollar, or very few anyway.

  • Since the operating principal of a turntable, via its arm and cartridge, is to pick up the tiny modulations in the grooves of an LP, anything that can upset this delicate “information retrieval system” needs to be minimised. Vibrations from external influences are the enemy.
  • So, location of the turntable ( not near the speakers and certainly NOT sitting on the same table/sideboard ) and that it sits on a solid stable platform, are of great importance.
  • It is possible to upgrade the cartridge and stylus assembly for almost any modern turntable

Most “off the shelf” turntables from the 70’s and 80’s had quite basic stylus / cartridge assemblies. While upgrading the cartridge is relatively easy there need be some caution as there is a performance shortfall if certain considerations are not taken into account.

There are many record cleaners that are quite inadequate and in many ways price and effectiveness are linked.

  • The subject is quite hotly debated but there ARE products that are effective and not overly expensive. Anti-static, carbon fibre brushes are well recommended as they will remove much of the dust from the surface. Additionally, some are somewhat effective in reducing a records static charge so dust is less attracted to the record. HOWEVER if a record is badly soiled and dust seems to be immovable, a carbon fibre brush won’t help.
  • There are a few fluid type cleaners that need to be just humid ( NOT WET ) and are quite effective in removing visible dust. Be sure you are buying one recognised for its effectiveness as opposed to, fluid and a cloth.
  • Record cleaning machines are now becoming well recognised in view of their high level of effectiveness. These start from $140 and if you have an LP collection that harks back a few decades it may well be worthwhile to invest in one of these. As price increases with these machines, they become more automated and efficient.