Revolution Turntable is anything but a high street emporium. Indeed we are emphatically low rent and totally devoid of bling and pizzazz. Located as we are in an industrial unit, amongst motor shops and building product suppliers, within a dated industrial suburb, this is our humble address. Thankfully our central location, beside the freeway and handy to everywhere, is a welcome saving grace! This is intentional, today’s e-commerce world means that bricks and mortar retail is difficult and every last drop of value has to be found to encourage people to reinvest in quality audio systems. We are not without hidden talents however and amongst these, the two most prominent are our enthusiasm for home audio and many years of combined experience in the field.

Autumn is over and we enter Winter with a measure of success. The “Record Store Day” promotion worked well and it was especially pleasing to see the majority of the promoted turntables taken up were the more substantial Pro-Ject 2Xperience SB. Even more exciting was the take up of turntables either side of the specials offered as it confirmed to us that both beginners and established enthusiasts are about and active in the quest for fine analogue music reproduction.

Cartridges and styli have also been in constant demand and this will lead to the adoption of another cartridge brand, namely Kenwood KS-3000“Goldring” to our stable of goodies. We should have a range of Goldring products available in a few short weeks. Another segment that is in constant demand is vintage turntables. This is not without some stress and effort for the one and a half staff members of Revolution turntable because each and every preowned table is cleaned, serviced, aligned and thoroughly tested before being photographed and waxed lyrical about on this website!! Unfortunately this has resulted in a few choice items being snaffled by sharp eyed and quick witted shoppers who took the traditional route and walked in for a look. I was really looking forward to featuring that shiny chrome Luxman rig on these pages …………

Still, not Audio Reflex turntableto despair, the next few weeks will see some really nice pieces of preowned equipment being offered. We have several turntables in the works ranging from the venerable Sondek to an attractive Audio Reflex and several in between. Also waiting for me to rattle the keyboard is a pristine Kenwood system that would be the finishing touch to a luxury man cave or retro pad. Remember the compact cassette, we do and whilst not as capable as a turntable there are those who prefer the low tech recording and playback medium especially if they have an extensive established library.

system spring clean

The crowning glory however will go to an Audio Classic. Outstanding performance and superb build quality being the primary attributes of this equipment along with the marque’s longevity and industry wide acclaim. I will not let on just yet on the identity this delightful hunk of Audio Exotica because whilst this scribe claims to be a mild mannered and good natured fellow, the truth is I am a Rat Bag!!

Finally we have decided to employ a measure of rat cunning to these pages. Our young and energetic web designer and traffic director is imploring us to spend more and more time staring into the screen and tapping on this keyboard. We know the young fellow truly believes that the only true way is the binary web connected way and yes he is probably right. But Both Pierre and I feel happiest with a keyboard and swipe screen free tool kit. So in order to get the traffic to a level that pleases our web guru we have decided to implement the following plan. Over the next few weeks we will feature a number of audio items, priced at a bargain basement price of $99.00. No, you will not see Accuphase, Krell, Wilson, ProAc and similar at this price but there will be competent and useful gear. Some will feature brand names even more famous than those just mentioned! These $99.00 bargains will be only revealed on this web site so a regular visitor will be more likely to see them  first. We believe that most of these bargains will snapped up fast so first in best dressed so to speak. No reserving, no deposits and no haggling! Hopefully this little strategy will increase our traffic and keep our web designer happy.

So keep warm, winter is a good time to really enjoy enjoy one’s Hi Fi system. Keep an eye on Revolution Turntable if you are after  a new turntable, new electronics, preowned high end audio, bargain audio and vintage audio.