Hi there,

Thanks for visiting.  Revolution Turntable is a small boutique store specializing in Hi Fi Turntables, otherwise known as Record Players. Together with these turntables, we naturally have a range of accessories, including record care, cartridges, cables and phono stages. Whilst we are predominately into turntables we also have a good range of Accuphase electronics and a representative range of ProAc speakers and other brands on display.

Retail is not all we do, we are especially happy to provide a range of services. These may include the simple fitting of a stylus or belt, to a general service and alignment for nearly all turntables at large in the community.  We also offer a range of on site services, please refer to the service page elsewhere on this site.

Last but not least is this website. We intend this site to be more than just an online version of our store. Together with the showcasing of our products, we are keen for this website to provide practical information on the wonderful world of home audio, especially when it features a Turntable! Information on its own however may be a little dry and pompous. With this in mind, we will strive to colour and flavour our words with some of the idiosyncratic loves, likes and dislikes, experiences, successes and failings, anecdotes, homilies and stories from our lifelong affair with home audio.

So please have a browse, any criticism and brickbats are unwelcome but encouragement most certainly is!   Indeed encouragement will result in the blossoming forth of more tips, tweaks, news, rantings and ravings that should prove entertaining at least and hopefully, both entertaining and educational at best.