Turntable Setup and Maintenance – Location

Location, Location, Location .. Is the catch cry of the real estate industry and is very relevant in the world of audio. Almost every component within your system, including cables, can do with a "good place to live”, and all of these “locations“ have relevance to performance. The place to start are the sources, especially [...]

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Audio System Spring Clean Cost Free Tweek

Audio System Spring Clean Over my many years of audio enthusiasm, I have discovered probably one of the most reliable and cheapest tweaks to enhance the  performance of my resident audio system. Some of this improvement is without doubt psychosomatic but interestingly some of the improvements have, I believe, a firm footing in practical science. [...]

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Turntable Setup and Maintenance – Overview

 Introduction In this day and age, there are numerous audio sources available for our listening pleasure. As we are quite Turntable minded, that seems a logical place to begin. Reminded that we are using the basic principles of the Edison wax cylinder from the early 20th century, it is worth making the observation that from [...]

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Welcome to Revolution Turntable

Hi there, Thanks for visiting.  Revolution Turntable is a small boutique store specializing in Hi Fi Turntables, otherwise known as Record Players. Together with these turntables, we naturally have a range of accessories, including record care, cartridges, cables and phono stages. Whilst we are predominately into turntables we also have a good range of Accuphase [...]

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