Stylus and Belt replacement

Revolution Turntable have vast experience identifying and supplying the CORRECT stylus or turntable belt for your equipment.

There are thousands of stylus models and when obtaining a replacement, it is vital that the new stylus is as good, or better than the original. The same can be said of belts and again, while many may work, turntable speed, and performance are rarely checked and often compromised.

For Stylus replacement, we require the following:

  1. Brand and Model of turntable
  2. Cartridge or stylus identification number, and perhaps colour of stylus assembly
  3. Sometimes, cartridges of better performance have been installed and this will often have no relationship to the original cartridge or stylus. Any identifying brand or number, in this case, would be helpful
  4. They say “ a picture is worth a thousand words.” It is REALLY helpful, if you can upload a clear picture, or two of the stylus from different perspectives. If uploading is an issue, you can email to us remembering to advise name and contact number.

For Belt replacement, we are able to supply only if the turntable is bought to our premises, and we are able to confirm correct speed. Find our address on the contact page.

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