Black Rhodium Symphony Stereo Interconnects

Black Rhodium

Symphony Stereo Interconnects

We have several pre owned stereo pairs of this high quality English made interconnect on offer. These are a quality interconnect using screened silver coated twin core copper with superior PTFE insulation. Terminations are RCA mainly with Black Rhodiums own chrome connector. We also have an example using Eichmann bullet RCAs for those that are fans of this brand and methodology.

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Black Rhodium Symphony

Interconnect Cables RCA terminations

Black Rhodium Symphony series interconnects will enhance your system especially if existing cabling is standard black spaghetti or the usual entry level gear that is usually black spaghetti in fancy dress! We start with silver plated copper 19 x 0.25mm stranded conductors delivering excellent clarity to middle and high frequencies, whilst also delivering strong bass and natural balances. High quality PTFE inner insulation with an exclusive post production process allows for a faster, cleaner beat and a smoother sound, less prone to harshness. Advanced quality control of the direction of wiring during production delivers superior stereo imaging as well as lower background noise.

Directional heat shrinks are applied to the attractive magenta sheath. This ensures easy orientation of this directional, aesthetically pleasing cable. The version that uses the acclaimed Eichmann Bullet Plugs, which due to the 24k gold plating and single point return further improves clarity and cleanliness of the sound.


  • Cable manufactured in England
  • Twin core screened cable
  • Silver plated copper
  • Low Loss PTFE inner insulation
  • Silver coated copper braided screen
  • Advanced quality control maintains wire directionality during manufacture
  • Exclusive Black Rhodium post production process
  • Graham Nalty Legacy Range GN-3GRCA connectors or Eichmann bullets Plugs.

We have several examples of the Symphony cable on offer. 1 metre and 0.5 metre lengths and a choice of Graham Nalty Chrome RCA connections or Eichmann bullet RCAs Pricing starts at $200 for the 0.5metre

To view more information head over to HiFi Pig

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