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Audio Research released this model 1n 2008. This was still within the reign of the founder, The late William Zane Johnson. This player therefore bears the traditional Audio Research hallmarks. The precision laboratory instrument look with the case handles, Rugged construction, easy control and connection options and above all, the signature “High Definition” Audio Research sound.

This pre owned ARC DAC 7 is in fabulous condition and is fully functional. We have it in place for easy demo using our best speakers. So if you would like to sample a classic decoding computer from an esteemed marque, with that unmistakable High Definition sound, come in for a look and listen….



Audio Research DAC 7 Digital to Analogue Converter


With the growth of the download culture and the increasing popularity of storing music on a hard drive, we were asked repeatedly to offer a USB DAC that could connect with Macs, PCs and servers to deliver a new benchmark in high resolution digital music playback. We listened, and after more than a year in development we are excited to introduce the Audio Research DAC 7 digital-to-analog converter. With an affordable price and extraordinary sonic attributes, we expect this product to be immensely successful.

Although our initial development was focused on the USB input, our intent was to provide greater flexibility and allow it to act as a hub for multiple digital sources. The DAC 7 has five digital inputs including USB, XLR, RCA, BNC and Optical (Toslink┬«). Operationally, the DAC 7 is also quite flexible. Housed in a preamplifier sized chassis, front panel functions include Power, Mute, Invert, and Input select. There is also a “Lock” LED to indicate whether the selected input has a digital lock. The supplied remote not only controls Power, Mute, Invert and (discrete) Input select, its HID (part of the USB protocol) controls the Play/Pause, Stop, Track Up and Track Down functions of the USB device to which the DAC 7 is connected.

The DAC 7 is a fully balanced solid-state design utilising a new direct-coupled FET output stage and generous regulated power supplies with seven stages of regulation. Separate audio and digital power transformers are mounted to boards made of the same material as our Reference products. The Burr- Brown DAC is 24/192 capable and utilises passive I/V conversion for best sound quality.

Connect the DAC 7 to your Mac, PC or music server to enjoy a higher level of resolving power and naturalness. Compressed MP3 files will sound their best ever, but your full-resolution music library will reveal a dynamic, transparent, you-are-there immediacy that is captivating. There is a sense of spaciousness with pinpoint imaging that was not previously apparent. For the growing numbers of music lovers who are tired of sorting through piles of CDs, who just want to touch or scroll down a screen to find their cherished music, the DAC 7 is the prize in their search for convenience and great sound. And, the DAC 7 will also bring new life and musical meaning to your traditional digital music sources, whatever they may be.


  • Power supply features twin transformers and 7 separate regulators
  • Balanced (XLR) and single ended (RCA) outputs
  • Input USB: Spec 1.0 to 2.0 16 BIT 32kHz to 48kHz, MAC or PC.
  • Input RCA: 75 ohm SPDIF 16/32 to 24/192
  • Input BNC: 75 ohm SPDIF 16/32 to 24/192
  • Input XLR: 110 ohm AES/EBY 16/32 to 2
  • Input Optical: 660 NM TOSLINK FIBER 16/32 to 24/192
  • Detachable 10amp IEC power socket
  • Remote control included


  • Frequency ┬áresponse: 0.5-20,000Hz +0 -1dB
  • Distortion: .03% 1kHz
  • S/N ratio: BAL 114dBA below 20kHz. SE 110 dBA
  • Channel separation: BAL 120dB 1kHz
  • Resolution: 24 Bit DAC
  • Output impedance: 500 ohms BAL, 250 ohms SE
  • Jitter reduction: High-stability crystal-controlled re-clocking for all outputs
  • Analog outputs: Balanced XLR 5.2V RMS (+14.3dBv) max, Single-Ended RCA 2.6V RMS (+8.3dBv) max
  • Power requirements: 200-270VAC 50/60Hz, 15 watts maximum. 8 watts sleep mode
  • Compliance: RF Interference complies with FCC and CE mark
  • Dimensions: 48 cm W x 13.4 cm H x 25.4 cm D. Handles extend 3.8 cm forward of the front panel. Rear connectors extend 1.9 cm
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs. (5.2 kg) Net; 18 lbs. (8.2 kg) Shipping

Last but not Least

This pre owned Audio Research DAC 7 is in Excellent cosmetic and working condition. The images in this listing are of the actual unit. Unfortunately we have none of the inclusions like the owners manual or the original packaging carton. But you guessed it, we can and will pack it properly for an interstate trip if required.

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