*SOLD*Accuphase Stereo Integrated amplifier E-270*SOLD*


Accuphase E-270

Rare preowned late model, Australian delivered Integrated Amplifier

Accuphase is a premium high end marque and none of its products are cheap … period! Most Accuphase owners choose their pieces carefully and with much consideration. Build and performance quality then tends to confer a long and happy period of ownership. Sometimes however an owner is so impressed by his new machine that he wishes to upgrade to a model a bit further up the tree. That is what happened here, bought new, the owner is trading up to a Pre and Power combination from Accuphase, lucky fellow!
An opportunity then for aspiring Accuphase enthusiasts on a budget. This Accuphase Integrated Amplifier is pristine, works flawlessly, Is the current model, has all its accessories (even the box) and comes with a full one year warranty. Unlike grey  imported machines, this pre owned Australian delivered Amplifier will receive all the back up service once the warranty has expired, that is enjoyed by all Australian delivered units.
For more information on this model head over to Accuphase Laboratory

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Integrated Accuphase Amplifier E-270


The Integrated Accuphase Amplifier E-270 features the revolutionary AAVA volume control, in common with all Accuphase integrated and Preamplifier models, even the exalted E-650 and C-3850 models . A power amplifier section featuring high power transistors in parallel push-pull configuration, complemented by a robust power supply and low impedance output stage. 120 watts of quality power into 4 ohms, with a damping factor of 400. Current feedback amplifier topology assures excellent phase characteristics in the high range, and instrumentation amplifier principle enables fully balanced signal paths. Power MOS-FET switches in the protection circuitry eliminate the need for mechanical contacts.
Pursuit of performance and sound quality results in capability well beyond its class, approaching the level of separate type amplifiers.

  • Revolutionary AAVA volume control
  • Output stage with high-power transistors in parallel push-pull arrangement delivers high quality power: 90 watts x 2 into 8 ohms
  • Power amplifier stage features instrumentation amplifier configuration for balanced signal transmission
  • Logic-control relays for shortest signal paths
  • Strong power supply with massive high-efficiency transformer and large filtering capacitors
  • MAIN IN button allows separate use of preamplifier and power amplifier sections
  • Numeric indication of volume level

For those of you into vinyl, we have several pre owned phono stages that will slot into the option slots. Please follow the links. Accuphase AD-20, Accuphase AD-30

This Preowned Accuphase E-270 is in pristine mint condition, previous owner was a fastidious enthusiast. And it is still a current model!! We naturally have the original double carton and all packing material, all inclusions including remote (metal), operating manual, original power cord and even the blanking plugs for the terminals on the back. This machine is not a grey import, therefore comes with  a full 1 year warranty, gratis from Revolution Turntables. Since we have the substantial packing, shipping Australia Wide is not a problem, in fact a pleasure.

For more information on the E-270 head over to Accuphase Laboratory

For other Accuphase Integrated Amplifiers try E-480 and E-650

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