*SOLD*Accuphase Stereo Power Amplifier P-4200*SOLD*

Accuphase P-4200


This Accuphase P-4200 has just been superceded by the the latest Accuphase P4500.

Therefor we have our demo P-4200 available for sale, West Australian buyers only, at a huge one off reduction in pricing.

It is like new, has all inclusions (box, manual, etc etc) like new and has full factory warranty.

This model is currently on demonstration in our showroom powering the renown Wilson Sarina. . The pairing sounds wonderful with the Clearaudio Innovation Wood turntable providing the source signals. Local enthusiasts should not miss this delightful combination.

For pricing please give us a call! Contact details on home page.

For more information on this model head over to Accuphase Laboratory



Accuphase P-4200

Stereo Power Amplifier

The Stereo Power Amplifier P-4200 incorporates the outstanding design technology of the A-200. Based on the P-4100, it represents a full model change with further enhanced overall circuitry. The power amplifier section features another Accuphase specialty, namely the MCS+ topology in combination with current feedback, ensuring outstanding S/N ratio and superior electrical performance characteristics.
The output stage for each channel uses three pairs of high-power transistors with a Pc rating of 220 watts, arranged in a parallel push-pull configuration. This ensures low output impedance. As demonstrated by the power rating of 500 watts per channel into 1 ohm (music signals only), the P-4200 can easily drive speakers with very low impedance, and speakers with uneven impedance curves are also handled with aplomb.
Output relays have been replaced by MOS-FET switches that combine excellent reliability with highly pure amplification. Redesigned output coils and other features result in lower energy losses and allow a drastic improvement of the damping factor to 500.

  • Power output 90watts per channel (8 ohms), 180watts per channel (4 ohms) and 360watts per channel (2 ohms).
  • Output stage with triple parallel push-pull configuration for each channel delivers high power down to very low impedance loads.
  • Instrumentation amplifier principle used in input stage.
  • MCS+ circuit and current feedback topology in amplification stage.
  • Bridged connection mode allows upgrading to monophonic amplifier.
  • Strong power supply with massive high-efficiency toroidal transformer and large filtering capacitors.
  • 4-stage gain control.

For a matching preamplifier head over to C-2120

For more information on this model head over to Accuphase Laboratory

For pricing please give us a call! Contact details on home page.

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