Clearaudio Concept Active MM Turntable


Concept Active Package

Our all-in-one-system, ready to play.

Clearaudio’s new “all in one system” ready to play. The Concept Active package (also available in a ‘wood’ version at extra cost) includes their innovative, frictionless, magnetic bearing Concept tone arm and the moving magnet Concept MM cartridge. But wait, there’s more. The “active” component is a built in Clearaudio phono stage and headphone amplifier. Now you can move between private headphone listening and listening to your speakers and amplifier in the more conventional way. The excellent integrated headphone amplifier is suitable for all premium dynamic headphones and includes a plinth mounted volume control.

This turntable has been a favourite amongst our friends, no doubt due to (and we are paraphrasing Clearaudio here because it is so true) “the Clearaudio Concept is an elegantly styled turntable package featuring a level of ground breaking technology usually only found in high end turntables, combining plug-and-play simplicity with outstanding sound quality and affordability”.

Now with the new Concept Active, plug and play simplicity has been elevated to a new level. Less cable clutter, more convenience and more fun.


Concept Active Turntable


Beneath the refined, contemporary exterior lies a level of technical sophistication unique to Clearaudio. The Concept Active chassis comprises a core of natural medium-density wood fibre within an aluminium surround and upper layer incorporating a high tech synthetic compound. This composite of materials eliminates the detrimental effects caused by unwanted vibrations.

The DC motor is fed by an external voltage stabilised power supply and is completely decoupled from the chassis, isolating the record from any mechanical interference. The tone arm features a magnetic bearing that is friction free for extremely low distortion and superb performance. The package is completed with the high quality Clearaudio MM Concept cartridge. With this turntable package, Clearaudio offers you an extremely innovative design that is very affordable.

The revolutionary Concept Active combines the highest quality of music playback with a design that has won several awards worldwide. Including the German Design Award and ‘Best Turntable’ award from ‘What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision’ magazine. With the Concept, to find an affordable entry point to the high-end world is a breeze. It reveals the magic of optimum sound reproduction even for those music lovers who could not previously afford this experience. A frictionless magnetic bearing tone arm is responsible for the optimal performance of the cartridges. All critical parameters from cartridge tracking weight to anti-skating are pre adjusted in our factory. The package represents the ideal of stress-free ‘plug and play’: unpack, connect, put the record on the platter – and just enjoy music. There was never more audiophile technology in this class of turntables.

With the concept active’s integrated Clearaudio phono stage, move between headphone listening and listening over amp through your speakers. The excellent integrated headphone amplifier is suitable for all premium, dynamic headphones.


  • Fully manual premium belt drive turntable.
  • Decoupled DC motor with low noise bearings.
  • 30mm polyoxymethylene low resonance platter.
  • Innovative magnetic bearing tone arm.
  • Concept moving magnetic cartridge.
  • 3 speed finger tip control
  • Integrated Phono Stage and Headphone Amplifier