Accuphase Stereo Preamplifier C-2150

Accuphase C-2150

New Updated Model

The next generation control centre featuring latest technology

The Accuphase great first model C-200, launched in 1973, had succeeded in overwhelming market support by offering full fledged performance and sound quality with multi functions and user conveniences.
C-2000 which launched in 2004 was the first Stereo Control Center that featured AAVA volume control, the new C-2150 is the 4th generation AAVA-featured Stereo Control Center by renewing C-2120 launched in 2013.
The new C-2150 realizes 20% lower noise performance and significant improvement of distortion while retaining the multi functions as Accuphase Stereo Control Center. With spending a long period for sound tuning and components selection, the new C-2150 realizes the fine sound quality coming close to the flagship model and promises to give all music lovers the best audio experience.

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Accuphase C-2150


The C-2150 for the first time combines a new topology called ANCC with the AAVA volume control principle. As a result, music reproduction is supple, elegant and full of transparency, with a spatial expression capability that makes one forget the presence of any volume control circuit. With a functionality level close to higher-end models and a versatile array of input and output terminals, plus the choice of adding option boards, the C-2150 provides fully immersive music enjoyment. This next-generation control center will satisfy even the most demanding music lover.

Separate unit amplifiers for left and right

The C-2150 comprises five separate amplifiers: input buffer, V-I converter, I-V converter, output buffer, and headphone. These are configured as five separate circuit boards arranged on a motherboard, providing ample space for components and ensuring outstanding reliability and performance. Left and right channels are kept completely separate to prevent unwanted electrical interaction.

ANCC: Accuphase Noise and distortion Cancelling Circuit

Drastic reduction of distortion and noise. The C-2150 uses ANCC topology for the I-V converter amplifier, balanced output amplifier and headphone amplifier. This innovative topology adds a sub-amplifier for effectively cancelling noise in the main amplifier circuit. The use of low-noise technology in the sub-amplifier (noise density: 1.5 nV / √Hz) further enhances the benefits of ANCC. By incorporating ANCC in the I-V converter amplifier and the balanced amplifier of the AAVA section, a further drastic reduction in noise is achieved, especially at low to medium volume level positions.


  • AAVA volume control with newly developed ANCC feature
  • Five line level and two balanced inputs for optimum flexibility
  • Recorder connection support
  • Logic-control relays for shortest signal paths
  • Separate power supplies for left and right channels
  • Fully modular construction with individual left / right amplifier units
  • Phase selection function
  • Tone controls
  • Dedicated headphone amplifier
  • Option board slots provide additional versatility for digital input handling and analogue record playback

For pricing please give us a call! Contact details on home page.

For more information on the C-2150 head over to Accuphase Laboratory

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