Accuphase Precision SACD Transport and MDSD Processor DP-950 DC-950

Accuphase DP-950 DC-950

Precision SACD transport and DAC Combination

The supreme heavy-weight SACD/CD transport. The DP-950 features an ultra-massive drive mechanism, machined with utmost precision and the highly rigid construction with low centre of gravity eliminates any unwanted vibrations. A luxurious disc tray is linked to an utterly quiet and smooth loading mechanism. Support for the digital audio interface HS-LINK Ver. 2 ensures accuracy on a level that far surpasses earlier standards, allowing the separate transmission of clock and data signals for enhanced purity. The DP-950 ushers in a new era of information fidelity, fully bringing out the enormous amount of musical detail stored on high-quality digital media.

The DC-950 is the ultimate digital processor using only specially selected materials and advanced digital technology. Glass fluorocarbon resin PCBs and completely separate power transformers for digital and analogue circuitry assure peerless performance that brings out the full musical richness of the digital source signal. A digital processor that redefines the state of the art.

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Accuphase DC-950

The DC-950 precision digital processor. Digital signal processing is implemented through an ultra-high-speed FPGA in conjunction with innovative MDSD reproduction technology, forming a double-speed high-precision moving-average filter circuit for straight D/A conversion of the DSD signal. Eight digital inputs including USB with support for 11.2896 MHz (1-bit 2-channel DSD) and 384 kHz (32-bit 2-channel PCM), as well as an HS-LINK connector (Version 1 and 2) provide enhanced versatility for the ultimate in performance and sonic purity.

  • Ground-breaking digital processing: MDSD (Multiple Double Speed DSD) with support for 11.2896 MHz (1-bit 2-channel DSD).
  • MDS++ type D/A converter with 8 parallel circuits and support for 384 kHz (32-bit 2-channel PCM).
  • Strong power supply with high-efficiency toroidal transformers and array of custom-made filtering capacitors.
  • Display can show sampling frequency and number of quantization bits.
  • The 7-segment display is larger than earlier displays of this type, for improved readability.
  • Filter amplifier printed circuit board made from glass cloth fluorocarbon resin with low dielectric constant and minimum loss.
  • Versatile array of inputs including HS-LINK (Version 1 and 2), BALANCED, COAXIAL x 3, OPTICAL x 2, and USB.
  • Phase selector for balanced output.
  • One COAXIAL and one OPTICAL digital output.
  • Advanced High Carbon cast iron insulator feet with superior damping characteristics further enhance sound quality.
  • Massive wood cabinet with natural grain, individually finished by master craftsmen.

Accuphase DP-950

The centerpiece of the DP-950 is its ultra-massive SACD/CD drive with highly rigid, high-precision construction. This is complemented by an ultra-strong power supply featuring two high-efficiency toroidal transformers and an array of filtering capacitors. The result is an SACD/CD transport that delivers a digital signal of unsurpassed purity.

  • Dedicated digital output only SACD/CD transport for highly accurate signal pickup.
  • External vibrations reliably blocked by super-massive sturdy chassis.
  • Support for HS-LINK Ver. 2 means that clock and data signals can be transmitted separately for direct input of a high-purity signal to the D/A converter, resulting in a drastic improvement in performance and quality.
  • The 7-segment display is larger than earlier displays of this type, for improved readability.
  • Strong power supply with high-efficiency toroidal transformers and custom-made filtering capacitors.
  • Chucking magnet using neodymium is designed to firmly and evenly hold the disc to prevent wobble.
  • One RJ-45 output (HS-LINK) for SACD and CD, and one dedicated coaxial output for CD.
  • Visually stunning cabinet made of carefully selected exquisite wood with natural grain and finished to a mirror polish.

For more information on this fabulous combination head over to Accuphase Laboratory


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