Accuphase MDS CD Player DP-430

Accuphase DP-430

MDS Compact Disc Player

Calling any Accuphase Precision Audio product “entry level’ or “the junior model’ in the line up really means that one has failed to grasp the Accuphase philosophy! All Accuphase machines are built to a no compromise formula that maximises performance above all else with bullet proof reliability and fabulous fit and finish only a fraction of a millimetre behind. The DP-430 MDS Compact Disc player is the most affordable player in the range simply because unlike Accuphases other players, it plays CDs and nothing but CDs. If one requires SACD playback in addition to CD playback then one need to look at alternative models such as the DP-560 for example.

Make no mistake this player has the same ultra precise transport mechanism and whisper quite loading mechanism of it’s esteemed stable mates. Likewise within, sophisticated circuit topology features MDS++ D/A conversion and just like the other members of the Accuphase family, this superlative circuit can be accessed by digital sources via its USB, coaxial and optical digital inputs. Further befitting a truly high end player we have the usual Accuphase fully balanced (XLR) outputs along with the more ubiquitous single ended (RCA) outputs.

So if your collection of polycarbonate music software (CDs), has no SACDs amongst them, then consider the DP-410 MDS CD player. Accuphase’s slightly more affordable, but eminently capable, CD only player!

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For more information on this model head over to Accuphase Laboratory


Accuphase DP-430

MDS Compact Disc Player

The Accuphase DP-430 is the latest update from the factory and is available now (Autumn 2017) in Australia.

The Accuphase-developed high-rigidity, high-precision drive optimized for CD reproduction, along with a super-quiet and smooth disc loading mechanism ensure pure signal readout of the highest order. In the DP-430 processor section, the MDS type D/A converter utilizes four DAC chips driven in parallel, and the filter amplifier features the newly developed ANCC (Accuphase Noise and Distortion Cancelling Circuit). CD transport section and digital processor are kept completely separate. In addition to a USB input, coaxial and optical connectors are provided for digital input and transport output. Quality construction and highly advanced digital technology fully reveal the potential of the CD medium and provide a listening experience that opens up new emotional depths even with familiar music sources.

System Highlights

  • High-precision CD drive.
  • High-quality CD tray and ultra quiet and smooth loading mechanism.
  • MDS D/A converter with four circuits driven in parallel.
  • Direct Balanced Filter with separate line and balanced signal paths.
  • Phase selector for balanced outputs.
  • Digital interface with USB input.
  • Transport outputs and digital inputs allow insertion of DG-58 into signal path for sound field correction.
  • Sampling frequency and quantization bit display.

For more information on this model head over to Accuphase Laboratory

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