Accuphase C-37 Stereo Phono Amplifier

Accuphase C-37

Stereo Phono Preamplifier

The Ultimate Phono Equalizer Amp — Separate circuitry for left and right MC head amplifier and equalizer amplifier using latest devices ensure ultra low noise performance and outstanding RIAA precision. Versatile load impedance selector with six settings for MC and three settings for MM brings out the best in every cartridge. Subsonic filter, and high gain capability of up to 70 dB for MC and up to 40 dB for MM with gain switching. Three analog player inputs with separate parameter memory for each input.
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Accuphase C-37

Innovative: At the leading edge of technology


The Accuphase C-37 is designed to match the Accuphase flagship preamplifiers, models C-3850 and C-2850. The C-37 is a no-compromise stand alone phono equalizer amplifier incorporating latest circuit design and utilizing materials and parts with optimal sonic qualities. This makes it capable of exploring the possibilities of the analog disc to the fullest. The phono amplifier must accurately handle the minute signal while keeping distortion and noise to an absolute minimum. In the C-37, these goals are achieved by employing completely separate MC head amplifier and equalizer sections, and keeping the left and right channels also separate. This enables the C-37 to fully bring out the characteristics and sonic qualities of any phono cartridge. Allowing the listener to explore the legendary musical depth of analog discs. In terms of physical appearance, the gold-colored panel face and side panels of real wood with natural grain finish exude an aura of refined elegance, making the Accuphase C-37 a perfect match for the C-3850 as well as other models such as the C-2850 or C-2450.


  •  Dual mono construction with left/right separate MC head amplifier and equalizer sections
  • Highly precise equalization: RIAA deviation only ±0.3dB
  • Versatile load impedance switching options with 6 settings for MC and 3 settings for MM
  • Gain switching enables high gain of up to 70dB
  • Three inputs for analog players or tone arms, each with a separate memory for MC/MM, load impedance, gain, subsonic filter and other settings
  • Two sets of analog outputs for balanced and Line connections
  • Phase selector for balanced outputs

Completely separate left/right MC head amplifier and equalizer sections

One of the biggest challenges for a phono equalizer amp is the problem of noise. How to achieve high S/N ratio is a crucial point. The C-37 therefore features separate MC head amplifier and equalizer sections for the left and right channel, in order to precisely match the circuit configuration to the different requirements of MC and MM cartridges. Employing purpose-selected components and optimized operating points, this uncompromising approach results in outstanding S/N ratio, minimum distortion, and excellent frequency response characteristics. Amplifier performance finally approaches ideal levels.

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