Pro-Ject Spin Clean LP washing system

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So you are a Turntable and Vinyl Record enthusiast? Really would love the Clearaudio Matrix Pro vacuum cleaning system to care for and protect your records. It is however a fair bit of pocket money that you would rather spend on a better rig wouldn’t you? I agree …. but don’t despair here is a perfectly good solution for not much more than a school kids pocket money….

Clean your valuable vinyls gently, but efficiently! Clean records sound much better and help to protect the stylus from dust. Spin Clean clears manually and is suitable for all kinds of records: LP‘s, 45‘s, 78‘s. Spin Clean Record washer system includes all necessary parts: 4 oz. (118ml) washer fluid, 2 brushes and dryer cloths. The cleaning process is extremely simple! First you fill distilled water into the basin, than you add washer fluid and insert the record you want to clean.  Both sides of the record are clarified in one go and dust remains at the bottom of the basin.


Spin Clean

Record Washer System MKII:  

Anyone who has used the conventional brush-type or spray-and-wipe record cleaners knows how awkward they are and that they have limited ability.  Simply put, these other cleaners do not remove all the dirt, dust, and grime out of the grooves of your old records. The Spin Clean system is the easiest, most effective and most affordable solution to cleaning your records and ensuring the cleanliness of your turntable. And unlike other record cleaning machines, the Spin Clean Record Washer MK II enables you to clean both sides of your record at once with unparalleled results.

Your albums and singles will sound as they were intended to, offering the highest fidelity and most superb acoustic sound.  If you’ve been looking for the ultimate solution in how to clean vinyl records, your search is over.  Spin-Clean® is the best vinyl record cleaner on the market.

With the Spin-Clean® MKII standard unit and included accessories, you’re ready to begin removing the grime from your grooves.

  • Washer basin and Lid.
  • Washer fluid 4oz.
  • One pair brushes MKII.
  • One pair rollers MKII.
  • Two washable drying cloths.

Of course all components, cloths and fluids of Spin-Clean are available as accessories!

For a review on this Vinyl record cleaning system try Enjoythemusic.

For the powered version try this link Pro-Ject VC-S


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