• Accuphase C-47 Accuphase C-47

    Balanced Stereo Phono Preamplifier

    The Ultimate Phono Pre amplifier? Accuphase have nailed their colours firmly to the mast with this unit. With the C-47, the marque has bestowed deep respect for the venerable vinyl recording format, whilst simultaneously mastering the vitally important first stage of amplification and equalisation. This machine has everything a vinyl enthusiast may need and want. Fully mono, fully balanced and fully adjustable. All adjustments are from the front and there are a total of four inputs - multi arm turntable owners can go nuts. Importantly the balanced input is truly balanced and correctly configured for moving coil only. Moving Iron and Moving Magnet (and conventionally wired Moving Coil) are correctly handled by any of the three single ended (RCA) inputs.
    All this together with first class performance and fabulous build quality
    easily elevate this phono stage to the very top of the vinyl enthusiasts wish list!
  • WireWorld Eclipse 7 WireWorld Eclipse 7

    WireWorld Eclipse 7

    The Eclipse 7 speaker cable consists of eight insulated flat cables with 12 strands of purest Oh no Continuous Cast (OCC) copper conductor each, twisted together in a DNA Helix structure called Octo DNA Helix design. The DNA Helix geometry is a patented Wireworld design which enables flexible flat cables to have closely spaced and completely parallel conductors. Composite insulation Composilex 2 minimises the noise better than the conventional insulation material, is used to insulate the conductors. The goal of this overall design is to minimise electromagnetic loss, which may colour the sound and reduce details.

    Impressive and good looking set of speaker cables. 2.5 metre long, single banana terminations. Importantly they sound pretty good too. Complete with custom case.

  • Kimber Select KS-1030 Kimber Select KS-1030

    Kimber Kable Select KS-1030

    We have two pre owned pairs of Kimber Kable's fabulous "Select" series interconnects on offer. This one is the Select KS-1030, top of the Select single ended range, fitted with the equally esteemed WBT-0108 Topline locking RCA connectors. If, like me, you find the price of top line audio interconnects a bit intimidating then here is a chance to really get into the true high end. These cables are excellent, the condition is excellent, they come with all the accessories like case and manual.

    Don't miss the chance of buying into High End Royalty without the eye watering cost!!!!