• Debut Carbon Debut Carbon DC Walnut

    The Debut Carbon DC is considered by Revolution Turntable as a true Debut turntable for those wanting to start out in vinyl playback. Manual controls, belt drive from a sorbothane isolated precision DC motor spinning a high mass steel platter. An 8.6inch carbon fibre tone arm together with a Ortofon 2M Red cartridge completes the playback package. Chassis mount RCAs and an adjustable dustcover add to the user friendly features of this capable machine.

    Straight out of the box the Debut is a great performer, however the basic design is so sound that the table will respond well to tweeks, enhancements and improvements. Not the least of which would be more advanced cartridges, record clamps/weights, better cables,  platter mats and would you believe a platter upgrade.

  • Elac Uni-Fi UB5 Elac Uni-Fi UB5

    Beyond the bookshelf.

    Space constraints should never compromise great sound, and the Elac Uni-Fi UB5 is the perfect solution when floor space is at a premium, but demand for audiophile sound is not negotiable. Using the same outstanding driver and crossover components of its bigger brother, this compact, 3-way, bass-reflex monitor delivers the sonic signature of Uni-Fi in a smaller package.

    ELAC’s chief engineer Andrew Jones explains how Uni-Fi speakers build on a new foundation: “My goal with the Uni-Fi series was to create a line of speakers with technology and performance normally reserved for speakers costing significantly more. By going with a 3-way design and employing a new in-house developed concentric driver, I’ve achieved a sound that is more true to the music than similar priced products.”

  • Shunyata Python Alpha Shunyata Python Alpha


    Python Alpha 1 metre

    Preowned Alpha Python mains power cable. One metre length. Fitted with a premium Furutech at the IEC end and a premium US plug at other end. Looks like cable is fitted with a decent ferrite as a noise blocker as well. Overall excellent condition.

  • Rega Elix-R Rega Elix-R


    Fabulous little integrated amplifier from this world famous marque. Previous owner is a true enthusiast who maintains his gear in a meticulous fashion. This Rega will readily slot into the heart of a very capable system and easily drive speakers well that may be, on paper at least, many levels above it's station. Since Rega are known for its turntables, this amp has a built in phono stage as well as the ability to be converted into a Pre or Power amplifier.

    We have everything this unit came with when bought new. It is a current model. It is pristine. So an opportunity here for a fastidious audiophile on the make with a desire to keep his or her budget under control!!

  • Sonique Diamond 550 SE Sonique Diamond 550 SE


    Sonique was a much loved Adelaide manufacturer of quality loudspeakers headed up by the talented Steve Lund. All his products featured well designed cabinets finished in genuine timber veneers, with Jarrah perhaps the most popular. Cosmetics aside, the Diamond 550 SEs are a serious excursion into the art of accurate and dynamic monitors. Utilising superior drive units in time aligned D'Apollito configuration together with a barium coated non parallel sided substantial cabinet resulted in a remarkable sounding system.

     The Diamond 550 SE was sadly discontinued several years ago. So finding a near mint pair like these will be just about impossible.

    A must have for collectors and enthusiasts

  • The Classic No8.0B The Classic No 8.0B