Record Store Day – April 22nd

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RECORD STORE DAY "Record Store Day" is upon us again. The official date is the 22nd of April but really, let us say the whole month is cause to celebrate the wonderfully timeless way of [...]

Merry Christmas to all our readers

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CHRISTMAS SPECIALS A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS, FRIENDS AND AUDIO BUDDIES Whew what happened? Wasn't it raining a few days ago as winter hung on and wasn't it mid November just 5 [...]

What’s New for Spring

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WHAT'S NEW FOR SPRING YUP WE ARE LATE ... BUT WITH GOOD EXCUSES ... READ ON ... Been an odd winter just past, both Pierre and I were reminded of the wet winters of our [...]

What’s New For Winter

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WHAT'S NEW FOR WINTER GOODIES TO KEEP YOU SNUG INDOORS WITH THE SOUNDS OF HIGH FIDELITY MUSIC Revolution Turntable is anything but a high street emporium. Indeed we are emphatically low rent and totally devoid [...]

Turntable Setup and Maintenance – Location

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Location, Location, Location .. Is the catch cry of the real estate industry and is very relevant in the world of audio. Almost every component within your system, including cables, can do with a "good [...]

Elegant Vinyl Playback

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Classical Elegance Only hermits living in caves and perhaps those devoted to their in-ear bass blasters would have failed to notice the renaissance of Vinyl recordings and associated turntables in the past decade and a [...]

Auralic and IsoTek

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AURALiC Most of you will know we specialize in all things Vinyl and those delightful electro-mechanical devices called turntables. Music information physically encoded onto vinyl is in our opinion a cornerstone format that no serious [...]

System Spring Clean

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 System Spring Clean Over my many years of audio enthusiasm, I have discovered probably one of the reliable and cheapest tweaks to enhance the  performance of my resident audio system. Some of this improvement is [...]

Turntable Setup and Maintenance – Overview

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 Introduction In this day and age, there are numerous audio sources available for our listening pleasure. As we are quite Turntable minded, that seems a logical place to begin. Reminded that we are using the [...]

Tips and Tweaks – overview

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Introduction  Greetings and Salutations, Most people interested and enthusiastic about music reproduction at home will be owners of an Audio playback system of some sort. Even a simple "one box" system (is there such a thing?) is [...]

Welcome to Revolution Turntable

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Hi there, Thanks for visiting.  Revolution Turntable is a small boutique store specializing in Hi Fi Turntables, otherwise known as Record Players. Together with these turntables, we naturally have a range of accessories, including record [...]