Whew what happened? Wasn’t it raining a few days ago as winter hung on and wasn’t it mid November just 5 minutes ago?? Not sure what is going on, maybe Nostradamus’s quickening has enveloped the world and time is out of control. Well here I am writing this Christmas blog and painfully totally aware that we are hopelessly late! No doubt unlike Pierre and I, you have the festive season in hand, tree and tinsel up, gifts chosen, the feast ordered and even have the food preparation underway!

Still we have our excuses, as audio boffins we are easily distracted, that latest piece of audio exotica needs to be auditioned, that latest album listened too, this amp needs packing and dispatching (been a bit of that these last few weeks), and there is always turntables that need a tweak or two as our customers prepare for party time. Now that brings me to an important point! There is still time to have your turntable’s stylus, cartridge, belt checked out so your system plays at its best during the days off coming up. We have a very good range of replacement stylii, belts, new cartridges and of course brand new gear. Christmas and the New Year are the biggest hunk of days off for the year short of annual leave, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to put your feet up and immerse yourself within your favourite tunes.

This year we have decided to offer a few Chrissie Specials. Carefully chosen to span the affordability range and also chosen for their usefulness to Audio enthusiasts, especially those lucky enough to appreciate vinyl playback! Most of these items are used in our home systems, as well as extensively used in our demonstration systems here at Revolution Turntable.

First up is a record and stylus cleaning bundle by Audio-Technica and ProJect, a full $15 off this combination and Pierre will even include his much loved clip lock container, this neatly holds theAudiotechnica items and keeps tAccuphase AL-10hAccuphase ALC-10e cleaning fluid from drying out. This bundle is in use in our boutique, and is in our opinion, the basic minimum record and stylus cleaning system anyone spinning LPs should have! Next we have some Accuphase cable packs, These were already great value but we have shaved off, as an example, $95 off the balanced (XLR) version making these premium cables even greater value. I doubt there is anyone with a decent system that couldn’t find a use for one or three of these excellent interconnects. If you think you might like one as a gift have a quick look at recipients system to check whether RCA or XLR terminations will suit.

In the same vein as the Accuphase interconnects we have a very nice Isotek power board and evo3-initium-thumbnailevo3-thumbnailpower lead bundle. Anyone using the standard black power leads and/or those standard power boards will absolutely love this upgrade both in audible terms as well as just the feel and quality of the items. We have shaved a massive $300 off this bundle and whilst it still represents a pretty extravagant outlay for a present, hey its Christmas and music is food for the soul and great music knits a home together.

Naturally saving the best till last we are pleased to offer the delightful Clearaudio Concept turntable as our ultimate special. Like I said before this is the very same model turntable Pierre has at home, you see unlike other babbleClearaudio Concept merchants we practice what we preach! The Concept is a “package” and is complete with tone-arm, Concept cartridge and power supply so all that is needed for music is a system and a vinyl record or two or three or four….. Bit of a segway here but once your significant other has a turntable then a veritable plethora of future gifts becomes available in the form of colourful, holdable, readable and above all great sounding, new and used LP albums! Back to the special, now the Concept is a true audiophile grade, well built and competent turntable. A substantial saving off RRP of almost $600 makes this a great buy, but we are not millionaires so we only have a few.

All these Christmas Specials are individually listed in our products gallery, on this website. Just click on specials or even just have a roam on the home page, they will turn up. Grovelling apologies for the tardy posting of these temptations but I guess you are getting familiar with our modus operandi. We will not be opening on the normal public holidays like Christmas, boxing day and New years etc but outside that then normal hours will apply.

Lastly may Pierre and I wish you all the very best for the festive season and a new year where life in general and Audio in particular gets better and better.