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Only hermits living in caves and perhaps those devoted to their in-ear bass blasters would have failed to notice the renaissance of Vinyl recordings and associated turntables in the past decade and a half. We at RevolutionTurntable naturally welcome this return of good sense and have devoted at least 30 minutes every morning meditating and purging our egos of any hint of smugness! What has taken us somewhat by surprise, is the predisposition of new vinyl enthusiasts for turntables that have a classical look. Namely, a rectangular plinth with more often than not, a timber or faux timber finish, with the platter, arm and other visible working bits that adorn the top, looking¬†uncomplicated and elegant. Not unsurprisingly, this has also been noticed by many manufacturers who have been busy creating new models, and redesigning existing models to conform with this look. Whilst we already have the eminent classic, the Linn Sondek, we have decided to add two new tables to our line up that conform with this “elegant classical” look.

1Xpression Carbon Classic

With its extensive Mahogany 1Expressionrange of incredible value for money turntables, Pro-Ject has always had rectangular plinth models. These however tended to be at the most affordable end, with the more space age RPM range occupying the premium end. That was then, and Pro-Ject have since added several new ranges with the most important being the Classic range. The most exciting model for the value conscious vinyl enthusiast, has to be the 1Xpression Carbon Classic. A gorgeous, simple looking table packed full of features to ensure great sound quality. This table comes in a mahogany timber finish that we have on show, as well as Olive (blond wood), high gloss white and high gloss black.

EAT C-Sharp

We have saved the best till last, O.K. it doesn’t have a timber finEat C-Sharp turntableish! However if anyone does not enjoy the drop dead stunning lines of this highly polished black and chrome turntable, we will happily recharge your personal music player and send you on your way. The C-Sharp is a rectangular plinth delight, we know it will find favour in many pristine Audio rooms where aesthetics are an important consideration. Under its elegant and slim lines this turntable is brimming with advanced materials and engineering to bring out the best from your vinyl collection. The tone arm is a sophisticated design, incorporating unipivot and Cardan elements along with both carbon and aluminium to ensure compatibility with the best cartridges. As an added bonus, this machine comes standard with an Ortofon Quintet Black Moving Coil Cartridge, itself a highly respected piece of audio excellence.

Both these machines are on view at RevolutionTurntable now. Come and have a look.


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