Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Pro-Ject has an absolutely bewildering and comprehensive  range of vinyl record playing turntables. Models that range from the very affordable to gleaming state of the art High End machines. Styling that ranges from the traditional timber plinth turntables to the ultra modern plinthless teardrop designs. Some models allow a choice of many bright colours along with quite a few one offs that feature popular artists like the Beatles.

Along with the turntables is an equally impressive line up of phono stages. Phono stages are an essential component for the proper playback of vinyl records. Some of these phono stages feature vacuum tubes for that true high end audio experience. But there is more such as record cleaning systems, accessories and associated electronics that includes headphone amplifiers, amplifiers and speakers systems.

If you are just starting on your Vinyl musical adventure, then Pro-Ject Audio is truely your one stop shop! A turntable for every taste, system and price point.