Jim and Pierre welcome you to the Revolution Turntable website.

With a total of 60+ years of audio and electronics experience, we knew our complimentary interests and knowledge would be ideally suited to a specific foray into the turntable business. With an intimate knowledge of turntables and all aspects of their performance,  care and maintenance, we look forward to responding to the needs of those requiring a turntable, or assistance with upgrading or maintaining their current equipment.

That said, our sister company, Arena Distributors, have been involved in distributing Accuphase products since 1973, with a specific involvement for ourselves from 1983. Accuphase will be our premium electronics brand.  This outstanding brand is an excellent complement to the fine range of turntables we are embracing.

We look forward to further expanding our mix of products and will be very attentive to the needs of our clients.