COVID19 – Update

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends.

First and foremost, we wish you best prospects possible, as together, we walk down the ominous path of COVID19 and its  devastating effects.

The absolute requirement for strict adherence to all the guidelines in place at this time, and likely more in the very short term, cannot be understated.

We are pleased to advise, at this point in time, that we are open for business, but with some tight regulation as to how we conduct the business. At present, we can offer access to showroom and necessary discussions by appointment only.

If the case that clients may arrive unannounced, we would restrict access while other parties may be present, and can assist only one party at a time. We also understand that time may be limited but current COVID19 circumstances will not allow us to deviate from that path.

Naturally, contact by phone is a totally different matter.  We encourage phone dialogue and are happy to answer queries on all aspects of our turntable and two channel specialisation. There should be no problems sending products to most destinations Australia wide and we are fully stocked and uphold our absolute commitment to a great sonic outcome for our clients.

Our leaders have underlined the importance of still conducting business, and do our best to come out of COVID19 in a positive direction. The future is quite unpredictable but the importance of small business and ability to gain traction and move forward post COVID, is of primary importance to economic recovery. Let’s all pitch in together.